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Professional Home & Building Inspections, Stucco Inspections, Expert Witness Testimony, Construction Consultations

New or existing homes


You will understand the differences in quality of equipment and materials.

IE: Windows, doors, Heating and AC equipment, electrical and plumbing products. 

Old vs modern structures


Technology has been changing over the decades. Understanding these changes gives you the knowledge, as well as, the pros and cons of the changes that have occurred. 

Walking seminar


Be present for the inspection. We will explain all the systems in the house. 

If there are issues, we will explain the causes of the problems, the solutions and the probable cost to correct.

Home Inspections - Stucco Inspections - Expert Witness

Stucco Inspections


Conventional cement stucco or EIFS.

We have been using stucco for centuries. The changes have been from 1974 to 1992. 

No need for stucco inspections if the house was built in the 1970's or earlier. Get all your answers from Inspection Pros.  

Commercial and Residential


Large or small buildings. 

Inspection Pros has the knowledge and experience to provide responsible Commercial Inspections. 

It is just what you need to make informed decisions.

Rely on Expertise


Professional Home Inspections. Experienced, caring and knowledgeable.

We treat you like you are our family.

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Meet the Owner


I understand and can explain any & all system functions, defects, forensics, cause of problems, solutions and costs to correct. 

The company performed more than 75,000 full, fee paid inspections in the Delaware Valley. 

I have personally performed more 15,000 full, fee paid Home and Building Inspections. 

Registered instructor in PA for a 30 hour Construction Course since 1990. Temple University and Suburban West Realtors Association.